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Garton Jones  luxury Property
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Letting & Management Services in Westminster, London

When letting out your property it’s important for you to know that it’s in safe hands. Garton Jones’s professional and all-encompassing service allows you to have peace of mind.

Our services include:

Letting Only

• Off and online marketing services such as an online brochure, professional photos and floor plans to show potential clients your property in the best light.

• Garton Jones Westminster will market your property to the range of contacts in our database, as well as through internet portals. As our database is updated daily, you’ll always get your property in front of the appropriate people.

• We’ll display your property in our shop window on a rotational basis along with other rental properties.

• Our dedicated staff will attend all viewings for you and won’t leave prospective tenants unaccompanied to see your property.

• When a potential tenant makes an offer on your property, we will subtract an administration fee from the tenant, which is equal to a week of rental payment. The property will then be removed from the market and we will embark on the reference process in order to ensure that the tenants are of good character and have a good financial history.

• Our ‘Lettings Progressors’ will deal with the legalities and take a security deposit to ensure the property is protected against damages. This is usually the equivalent of six weeks’ rent.

• Next, we’ll liaise with you in order to organise the cleaning of the property if necessary. We will also arrange for a check-in and an inventory if you so wish. These services come with extra fees attached, so do get in contact if you want to discuss further.

• Once references and contracts are approved, agreed and signed, we will take the security deposit plus one month’s rent in advance. We will also arrange for the tenants to take possession. The tenants may wish to pay in larger instalments, in which case we will make the necessary adjustments to the contract(s).

• We liaise with all suppliers, such as utility companies and local councils, to ensure the smooth transfer of responsibility of these bills to your tenants.

• We’ll contact you and your tenants about two months before the tenancy is due to expire to see if both parties want to continue with the agreement and make all necessary changes.

• If it’s concluded that the tenancy should finish, Garton Jones will arrange for the tenant to be checked out and for an inventory. We will ensure any necessary deductions are made in the event of dilapidations and cleaning and will do our upmost to make sure both parties are satisfied.

• We’ll also speak to the utility suppliers and council to update their records, depending on the situation.

• Garton Jones will manage the legal elements, preparing and executing all new documentation if the tenancy is renewed.

• We’ll take care of all deductions regarding our agency fee. This will be done by us taking what we are owed from the initial monies paid to us by your tenant and up to the break clause in the agreement. If there is an annual agreement, for example, with a six month break clause; we would subtract six months’ worth of fees before transferring the balance to your account. We would next invoice you at six months for the balance of fees for the rest of the term. This is because we don’t usually take fees for the full term of the contract unless it is agreed.

This is the way we work as most of our clients seem to prefer it. Please do however, feel free to contact us for more information if you are not clear about these terms

Letting Only With Rent Collection

• The above service will include all of the Letting Only service, but will also mean that the tenant directly pays Garton Jones the rent.

• We’ll take full responsibility to chase up any late payments for you, to ensure you get paid what you’re owed.

• In the above case, we will take our fees as we collect monies owed, be it monthly or quarterly and so on.

Letting & Full Management Service

• This service will ensure that clients are covered for all of the services mentioned above.

• What is unique about this service is that Garton Jones will be the point of contact for your tenants at all times, sparing you the time and energy of worrying about your property.

• This service includes quarterly inspections of your property to ensure it is being cared for adequately. Photographic evidence will be included to highlight issues necessary.

• Garton Jones will take care of any maintenance issues that are reported and will do our best to make sure that we get you good value for money and we’ll also get your approval before carrying out any works, unless it’s emergency and out of hours.

•  We’ll take responsibility of all services charges that need paying if you have requested as such and will do so promptly on receiving statements from freeholders/building managers. We would therefore require a reserve fund of £300 to deal with such issues.

• To undertake our duties, we would expect a spare pair of keys to always be made available to us.

 Next steps

As you can see, we provide a full, comprehensive service for our clients and do our best to go out of our way to help and provide you with the best customer care we can. Please do get in contact with us to discuss any requirements you may have and any additional services you may wish us to take up – we’re here to make your lives easier.

Our commonsense approach makes us the number one go-to letting agent in London – we’re highly regarded and well-trusted in our industry – and we’re proud of it!


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