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property market in 2015

What does 2015 have in store for the property market?

artdivision 9 January 2015

  Hooray, it’s 2015. The champagne corks are a distant memory and your living room’s devoid of pine needles. You’re gearing up for the year ahead, perhaps you’re selling a property, looking

English Manor House

Why a property in Prime London is now the ultimate status symbol

artdivision 29 October 2014

Owning a country mansion used to be a sign that you had ‘arrived’ in life. Newly-minted industrialists were keen to acquire large estates in the late 19th century, and celebrities like

Technology in the hands

How will estate agents adapt to technological innovation?

artdivision 23 July 2014

We’ve all heard these stories bandied around a tech utopia (or dystopia, depending on your opinion) where robots will rule the world and how everyone will be using drones to